Google launches Android Studio Arctic Fox and Jetpack Compose 1.0

Google launches Android Studio Arctic Fox and Jetpack Compose 1.0

Today, Google is releasing both Android Studio Arctic Fox and Jetpack Compose to stable. This isn’t exactly a surprise announcement, since Google first announced that the latter would be released to stable this month back in May.

We’ve got a bunch of coverage (linked below) in case you’re not in the loop. But either way, you can get a quick overview of what’s new in both Android Studio and Jetpack Compose here.

Android Studio

Up until now, Android Studio Arctic Fox was in the beta release channel for Android Studio. During its time in development, Google added new features like Accessibility Scanner, Test Matrix, native support for M1 Macs, and full support for Jetpack Compose. On top of the usual bug fixes, Arctic Fox also changes Android Studio’s versioning scheme. Instead of version 4.3, Arctic Fox is version 2020.3.1.


This new versioning is so Android Studio’s versions match the versions of IntelliJ IDEA that they’re based on. For example, Arctic Fox 2020.3.1 is based on IntelliJ IDEA 2020.3.1. The current Canary version, Bumblebee 2021.1.1, is based on IntelliJ IDEA 2021.1.1

Jetpack Compose

For Jetpack Compose, there isn’t too much to say. In case you didn’t know, this is a new UI framework built around declarative design principles and exclusively using Kotlin. Google has been publicly developing this framework for over a year now, taking feedback from developers. It’s been in beta for a while now, with Google ironing out any lingering issues before releasing it to stable today. With this release, Google is confident that using it in production apps won’t cause any major issues.

If you want more details on what Jetpack Compose is and does, be sure to check out our previous coverage.

And if you need more details on either Android Studio or Jetpack Compose, be sure to check out Google’s blog for the official announcements!

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