Streamline Android Theming with Graphic Porter

Streamline Android Theming with Graphic Porter

I don’t have a custom theme on my Android phone, and the reason for this is because I am too busy picky (and perhaps lazy) to go through the countless fantastic custom themes that have been created and made available here on XDA and in the Play Store. And I’m sure that many folks here are in the same situation. Because despite the vast selection of themes, we all find ourselves a little bit too picky about something specific –perhaps it’s the icons, the accent colors, or the switches. And this is where Graphic Porter comes in.

Developed by XDA Senior Member br.ruan, Graphic Porter is a tool which simplifies the process of modifying and porting existing custom themes. Running on PC, it enables you to change every aspect of the theme throughout the Android system, such as check boxes, background images, radio buttons, and IM emoticons. If there’s something you’re not happy with, just select the UI element you want to change, and the tool will automatically find and bring to you the specific files you have to change.

Graphic Porter’s porting feature is just as easy to use. The tool will automatically find the theme’s files and resize anything to suite your device’s screen resolution. Because of this method however, it should be noted that it might be a bad idea to port themes made for devices with lower dpi than your own.

Graphic Porter will definitely be a welcomed tool for anyone who likes to ensure that their Android device looks just the way they want it to look. If you would like to check this out, head over to the Graphic Porter thread for more information.

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