How to Theme Your Android


So anyways, I just got back from performing my acoustic cover of Mumford and Sons songs at the subway station. Someone called the cops and they made me leave because I didn’t have a permit to perform there. This is happening more often and I really feel like it’s because my phone doesn’t reflect who I am as an artist. My jeans are me, you know? I never wash them and they have holes in them, but that’s what makes them me. I wish my phone could have the same unique look, so people would take me seriously.

Well I found out you can change the look of your Android phone a lot. I found a great theme with wolf pictures. The wallpaper is a wolf, all the icons are wolves, my ringtone is a wolf… I’m going to show my parents and see if they’ll let me live with them for a few more years. These are some of the different ways to theme your Android.

What is an Android Theme?

An Android theme lets you customize the look and feel of your device. While out of the box, you’ll have the ability to change your wallpaper and maybe the color scheme, most of the time you’ll end up downloading an app that lets you customize the entire look of your phone. You’ll be able to choose how your menus, icons, notification bar, nav buttons and animations looks.

Themes are very popular and they’re part of what makes Android stand out from the rest of the smartphone platforms like Apple’s iOS or Microsoft’s Windows Phone. With different apps, you’ll have access to thousands of different options. If you’re running a custom ROM Like Cyanogenmod or AOPK, you’ll find that they already have a large amount of themes to choose from.

If you like the look of you Android, but just want to change the icons, you can do that too! Once you have one of the popular launchers installed, you can browse the Play store for custom icon packs.

Many of the themes are entirely free, and the one’s that you’ll pay for are rarely over $1.99.


How do I get an Android Theme?

Some devices already come with the ability to download and install themes. You’ll find this option in the settings menu. However most of the time, these themes aren’t the best and they’re few to choose from. If you’re not finding something you like, don’t worry. There are tons of apps on the Play store that allow you to install third party themes.


Once you’ve downloaded a launcher app, you’ll set it to be your default launcher. From there, you can browse tons of custom theme options until you find one that you like.

What are the best apps for Android Themes?

While searching for a launcher, you’re going to come across many different options. Don’t worry, I’ll list the best ones here, to save you some time.


This is definitely the best launcher for themes. It has some fantastic stuff that completely changes the way your Android look. The best part about this app is ALL themes are completely free. They have over 400 to choose from, and they’re all pretty high quality.

Play store link


Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher has been one of the most popular launchers for a long time. It one of the most feature-rich launchers, with support for importing layouts, backup and restore, gestures and more.

Play store Link


Hola Launcher

Hola Launcher is the most popular launcher with over 1.7 million users. It’s got a fantastic selection of widgets, icons and themes. Everyday they update you with a new free wallpaper, so the looks is constantly new and fresh.

Play store link


If you have something very specific in mind, you can create your own themes, then share it on the Play store for other users to enjoy. Someone please make a Captain Panaka theme.

XDA has a forum dedicated to creating and sharing themes. Check it out!!

Theme Forum