Android TV’s Discover tab is getting 3 new features including a watchlist

Android TV’s Discover tab is getting 3 new features including a watchlist

In February this year, Google rolled out an update for the Android TV interface with a couple of new features. The updated interface resembled the UI on the Google Chromecast with Google TV. It featured three new tabs to give you quick access to your favorite apps and channels, offer personalized recommendations, and present all your installed apps in one place. Google is now rolling out another update that adds three more features to the mix.

The Watchlist is the first and most useful feature rolling out with the new update. As you’d expect, it will let you keep track of all the content you wish to watch in one place. Once the update rolls out to your Android TV, you’ll be able to add content to your watchlist by either long-pressing on it from the Discover tab and selecting “Add to Watchlist” or pressing the “Watchlist” button from the details page.

Android TV Homescreen on Discover tab with new Watchlist row

New Watchlist row in the Discover tab

Your Watchlist will appear as a separate row in the Discover tab, giving you easy access to all the movies and shows you wish to watch. Furthermore, you’ll be able to add or remove titles from your watchlist using Google Search or the Google TV mobile app on other devices.

Along with the watchlist feature, Google is also rolling out a new option to help you tune your recommendations. The option will appear as a card called “Improve your recommendations” in the Discover tab. Tapping on it will open up a Tinder-like interface with movie and TV show recommendations instead of prospective matches.

Android TV tune your recommendations page

Improve your recommendations interface

Clicking on the left and right buttons on your remote will help you filter through the recommendations, with the left button signifying “Less like this” and the right button for “More like this.” After you finish the process, the Discover tab will automatically update based on your fine-tuned recommendations. If at some point in the future you wish to tune your recommendations again, you can navigate to Settings > Device Preferences > Home Screen > Content Preferences to access the “Improve your recommendations” card.

Lastly, the new Android TV update brings support for immersive detail pages that offer a more cinematic experience. The updated detail pages give you easy access to movie and TV show trailers. The trailers will play automatically as soon as you open the detail page. The feature will be enabled by default on the latest Android TV update, but you’ll get an option to disable it in the Home Screen section of Device Preferences in the settings.

Google says that all three of these features will roll out to Android TV devices starting this week.

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