Google Home 2.28 corroborates that Android TV will be branded as Google TV on the new Chromecast

Google started rolling out version 2.28 of the Google Home app today. New strings within the APK strongly suggest that Android TV will be rebranded as Google TV, at least on Google’s upcoming Chromecast dongle.

An APK teardown can often predict features that may arrive in a future update of an application, but it is possible that any of the features we mention here may not make it in a future release. This is because these features are currently unimplemented in the live build and may be pulled at any time by the developers in a future build.

The new strings, which are embedded below, reference “Google TV” in the description and “atv” (Android TV) in the titles. We heard back in May that Google will rebrand the new version of Android TV, so these strings are ultimately not surprising to see. This is, however, more evidence that this rebranding will happen, though there’s still the question of whether or not Android TV will be rebranded as Google TV for all future TVs and set-top boxes running Google’s OS.

<string name="atvs_gae_wizard_template_video_description">Your services will help personalize your Google TV experience and will be saved to your Google Account</string>
<string name="atvs_gservices_personalization_text_collapsed">Google TV uses your activity from across Google to improve your recommendations.</string>
<string name="atvs_gservices_personalization_text_expanded">Google TV uses your activity from other Google products and services, like Google Search, to improve your recommendations. Your activity on Google TV will also be used to improve your recommendations on other Google products. You can view and control the data shared between Google products at You can also hide personalized recommendations on Google TV by enabling Apps only mode from the Chromecast on-device settings.</string>
<string name="delete_structure_message_atv">"Deleting this home won't disconnect your Google TV account. You'll have to remove your account from this home's Google TVs, or sign out at %1$s"</string>
<string name="managers_remove_other_message_atv">"Removing this person from this home won't disconnect their Google TV account. They'll have to remove it from this home's Google TVs, or sign out at %1$s"</string>
<string name="managers_remove_self_message_atv">"Removing yourself from this home won't disconnect your Google TV account. You'll have to remove it from this home's Google TVs, or sign out at %1$s"</string>
<string name="settings.android_tv_delete_account_body">"You may want to remove it from this home's Google TVs, or sign out at"</string>
<string name="settings_android_tv_delete_account_title">"If you have a Google TV account, it won't be disconnected"</string>
<string name="settings_remove_device_from_home_body_atv">This device will be removed from this home and unlinked from your Google TV account. Removing this device will not disconnect your Google TV account, if you have one.</string>

Another string ties the Chromecast brand to Android TV. A retail leak earlier this week revealed that Google’s upcoming dongle device will be called “Google Chromecast with Google TV.” The below string mentions a “Chromecast device” in the “Android TV” TOS statement.

<string name="google_android_tv_tos_statement">"By clicking “Accept”, you agree to the %1$s and the %2$s.
Google Terms of Service also applies to your use of Assistant. The %3$s describes how Google handles information generated as you use Google Services.

Your Chromecast device may automatically receive and install updates and apps from Google. Some of these apps may offer optional in-app purchases. You can remove them or adjust their permissions at any time from the Chromecast on-device settings.

Google also collects and temporarily stores the voice and audio history from microphone use to improve the product experience."</string>

The Google Home 2.28 update also continues work on integrating more and more of Nest’s features. There are new activities for setting up Home & Away Routines and activating home presence sensing.

Google is expected to unveil the new Chromecast on September 30th alongside the Pixel 5, Pixel 4a 5G, and a new Nest smart speaker. We’ve already shown off what’s expected to be the dongle’s design and new Android TV software. We also already shared what’s expected to be the hardware specifications, and the earlier retail leaks also revealed the possible starting price of the dongle. All that’s left is confirmation of these details at Google’s upcoming event.

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