Android TV may soon support Voice Match for Google Assistant

Android TV may soon support Voice Match for Google Assistant

There are plenty of smart TV platforms to choose from these days. Even Google offers two options if you’re invested in their ecosystem. You can go the simple route and get a Chromecast or go with Android TV for something more full-fledged. One of the benefits of Android TV is the integration with Google Assistant, which may soon be getting Voice Match support.

What is Voice Match? On devices like smart speakers and smart displays, where multiple people in a home may interact with the device, Voice Match can recognize the voices of individual persons. This means if you ask about your schedule for the day, it will know to look at your calendar. Voice Match is a critical feature for using Google Assistant devices with other people at home, and new strings found in the Google Search app indicate it’s coming to Android TV.


Currently, Google Assistant on Android TV simply uses the account of whoever is logged in, which is most likely the person who set up the device. Version 4.2 of the Google Search app for Android TV includes several mentions of “voice_match.” We can see a set up screen to “Activate Voice Match on this TV” and some information about what Voice Match can do.

<string name=”voice_match_setup_screen_title”>Activate Voice Match on this TV</string>\n<string name=”voice_match_setup_screen_description_1″>”Your Assistant can already recognize you by your voice, and tell you apart from others. Voice Match allows your Assistant to identify you and tell you apart from others. \nThe Assistant takes clips of your voice to form a unique voice model, which is only stored on your device(s). \nYour voice model may be sent temporarily to Google to better identify your voice. \nIf you decide later that Voice Match isn’t for you, simply remove it from Assistant Settings. \nTo view or delete the audio clips you record during Voice Match setup, go to”</string>

Now, most Android TV devices can only activate Google Assistant with a button on the remote, but some do support “Hey Google” detection. Either way, if it’s activated through a button or voice, Assistant will know who’s talking with Voice Match. It’s possible this feature will be shown off first on the “Sabrina” Android TV dongle we’ve been talking about, or it could be meant for devices like the JBL Link Bar. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Source: 9to5Google

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