Future Android update will let you see apps with blocked notifications

Future Android update will let you see apps with blocked notifications

One of the headlining features of Android Pie is “digital wellbeing.” Google included a section in the Settings by that very name, but it also involves other parts of the OS. One such thing is the ability to ask users if they’d like to permanently disable notifications that they commonly swipe away without action. It should be easy to see a list of apps that have had their notifications disabled, but Android Pie removed this ability.

Prior to Android Pie, there was a drop-down in the App notifications settings that allowed users to see a list of apps with notifications turned off. As you can see in the screenshots above, that has been removed. This issue was reported in early August and today Google marked it as fixed and said it will be available in a future update. When the OS has features built to help you disable notifications, it seems odd they would remove this filter.

Earlier this week, we wrote about another issue that Google will be fixing in a future update. Android Pie seems to have a few little things that should have been fixed before release. It’s often the little things that make an OS feel polished and complete. We’re glad Google is taking these issues seriously and fixing them. Hopefully, the update isn’t too far away.

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