Android Wallpapers

The ideal wallpaper for any Android device is a nice picture of you and your Father. But if you’re like me, those pictures don’t exist. Let’s take a look at some of the next best options to help you fill the empty void in the background. Maybe someday we will be able to fill the empty voice in our hearts.

You have an infinite number of options when it comes to wallpapers for your device. There are Live Wallpaper, Standard Wallpapers, even ways to set custom videos as wallpapers! But lets start with the obvious: How do I change my wallpaper?

How to change your wallpaper

  1. Press and hold on your background until a menu pops up
  2. From here you can select wallpapers, Live wallpapers, shortcuts and widgets
  3. Select wallpapers
  4. Choose the wallpaper that you want


Simple right? Your Android will come preloaded with lots of great images to choose from. In fact, the stock Android wallpapers are some of the community’s favorites. Google updates their wallpapers with each release of Android, and manufactures will have different options for the different brand of phone. You can brows all the stock wallpapers from many different devices thanks to XDA User LUGIANK. See the thread >

But sometimes you just can’t be defined by an image taken by some guy who’s just working for The Man. You need to set yourself free and not do something just because it’s expected of you! Maybe I don’t want to play football, Dad!!

For those of you that are looking for something more personal, there are many apps on the Play store that let you download all kinds of custom wallpapers. Lets take a look as some of the best ones.

Wallpaper Apps

Backgrounds HD (Wallpapers)
Backgrounds HD lets your brows through a plethora of images to find the right one for your device. They are separated by Categories, Recent, Daily Popular, Weekly Popular, Monthly Popular and All time Popular. This sorting methods makes it easy to find new wallpapers, often. Aside from that, it’s a pretty basic app. You can download the image that you like or set it as your background from directly in the application. Play Store Link >
Zedge is the Original Gangster when it comes to wallpapers and ringtones. They have been around since before electricity was discovered. With a massive library of images from which to choose, Zedge stands out by having a unique Favorites feature that lets your keep all your favorite wallpapers in one place.  With this many wallpapers, be prepared to sort through a lot of garbage ones that look like they were lifted straight from clip art. Play Store Link >
Premium Wallpapers HD
The design of this app is very slick. It categorizes the wallpapers by what type they are, as opposed to popularity. This makes it easy to find something of a specific theme. This app seems to have a much higher quality collection of images than the other options. Check out the Food section. Yum. Play Store Link >

Use Google to Find Wallpapers

If you want to skip the app process altogether, you can use Google Images. Google has an awesome feature that lets you search for a specific size of image. So type in the resolution of your device’s screen, and search for whatever you want.


google images

Of course absolutely any image can be used as a wallpaper. Find something that helps you express yourself as a person. For my wallpaper, I photoshopped a picture of myself in with a group of friends. Even then, I felt unwanted…