Android Wear Adds Support For iPhones

Android Wear Adds Support For iPhones

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Bringing along good news to iPhone owners, Google has announced that Android Wear will now support iPhones.

The supported list of Apple devices is limited to the iPhone 5 and newer, all of which should be running iOS 8.2 or a higher version as well. The Wear App will soon go live on the App Store today, allowing iPhone users to simply pair the compatible watches with their phone to reroute notifications.


There is a slight catch though. Android Wear for iOS currently works with the LG Watch Urbane, while future Android Wear watches (including ones from Huawei, Asus and Motorola) will come with built-in support for iOS. There may be more obstacles to this, but the official blog remains mum on them. Also, keep in mind Android Wear will not have the same level of functionality it does with Android phones due to system restrictions.

Nonetheless, this is great news for all iPhone users as they now have a wider variety of watches to choose from. Sales of the supported Android Watches will also receive boosts as the untapped iOS market is now accessible to them. All in all, iOS support is indeed a beneficial move for all parties and watches involved… except the Apple Watch.

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