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Android watches are great. I never have to worry about missing a text, email, comment or notification when I’ve got my watch on… or do it? If the battery goes dead on it that it won’t do you any good. Just as my Dad used to say “If it doesn’t work it’s useless and I don’t love my son because he is lazy and very ugly.” So it’s very important to make sure your Android powered smartwatch is going o last you through the day. So follow these tips to extend the battery life of your android smartwatch.

Screen Brightness

So obviously screen brightness is going to play a big factor in the lifetime of your battery. Fortunately just like your smartphone, you can adjust the brightness of the screen on your watch. You can access the brightness through the settings menu. Turn it down a notch and you should notice a boost in battery life.



Mute Alerts and Notifications

There are times that you don’t need all your alerts and notifications. If you’ve got your smartphone sitting on the desk right by you then you can just set your android wear device to snooze. Get into the habit of doing this and you’ll save quite a bit of battery life.



Notifications are definitely the biggest contributing factor to the battery life on any android wear device. If your watch is constantly syncing every email, text, facebook message and reminder, you’re going to be killing the battery on your watch. Disable any notifications that you don’t need to show up on your watch in the setting of the Android Wear app on your phone.


Use these tips to increase the time between needing to charge your watch and you’ll lead a happier and more fulfilling life.

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