Android Wear Lag Issues caused by “Ok Google” Detection now fixed with Google App update

Android Wear Lag Issues caused by “Ok Google” Detection now fixed with Google App update

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Many users since upgrading to Android Wear 2.0 faced huge lag issues, where the device would suffer severe slowdowns or even freeze up for several seconds. Trying to swipe away a notification after waking the device would render it unusable for several seconds, along with trying to do basically anything else. For many, it simply rendered an Android Wear device useless. Thankfully, a user on Reddit by the name of Yozakgg discovered the cause, and it turned out to be that “Ok Google” detection was the issue. Disabling it immediately cleared up all of the lag issues that users were facing.

This was only a workaround, however, and given that it disables some key functionality, it was only right that Google should eventually fix it. Thankfully Google has eventually fixed it, and as of Google App version on Android Wear, the lag issues have been eliminated. You can re-enable “Ok Google” detection if you disabled it to get rid of lag issues by following this tutorial and enabling detection instead of disabling it.

Android Wear Lag Issues caused by Ok Google Detection

The only problem is that it seems the Google App is on a staged roll-out, so users may have to wait a while to receive the update. If you can’t wait, you can install the latest Google App update from APKMirror, by downloading the ARM version of the app and using the “adb shell pm install” command. It is highly recommended to wait, however. If you want to check what version of the Google App you have, navigate to Settings -> Apps -> Scroll to the bottom and choose System Apps, Google and finally, App info. It should give the current version of the app there.

Source: Google Issue Tracker Via: /r/AndroidWear