Android Wear Watch Face API Finally Available

Android Wear Watch Face API Finally Available

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Earlier today, Google announced that the official Android Wear Watch Face API is now available for developers. The new API officially allows developers to customize the user interface on Android Wear devices, enhancing the overall user experience across the platform. The official API will help developers to maintain their project regardless of screen shape. Official aftermarket watch faces have been a highly requested feature, and it’s now been added.

As usual, Google provides a training class to show how to use the newly released API. As per Google suggestion, developers who used the unofficial approach should consider migrating their project(s) to the official API so that they can easily maintain their projects without worrying about platform differences. However, Google will maintain the support for the unofficial APIs until January 31, 2015.

The new API isn’t all that Google has announced today. All Android Wear devices should soon receive the Android 5.0 API 21 OTA notification. The previous API 20 level should be still in use for a little while, however, so developers should plan on having their apps working on Android 4.4 as well.

Since the release of Android Wear, developers have written thousands of apps. Android Wear has become a strong platform, offering an enhanced user experience even over stock. You can check one of many XDA projects for Android Wear by visiting its development forum here on XDA.

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