AndroidCtrl.dll Adds Universality to Your Development Project

AndroidCtrl.dll Adds Universality to Your Development Project

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ADB and Fastboot are some of the most basic and yet most powerful tools available on Android. We use them practically on a daily basis to get bug reports or simply flash a kernel onto our devices. While these tools are good to the end user, developers may find them a bit limited and may want to enhance their capabilities a bit.

If you are a developer and you are looking for all-in-one library, XDA Senior Member k1ll3r8e has something that might interest you. AndroidCtrl.dll is a kind of AAPT/ADB/Fastboot/(apk/zip) Signer Framework written in C# .NET 4. It’s designed to provide a lot of predefined .NET functions to communicate with an Android device. This library can easily work both with rooted and non-rooted devices, but some features require root to work properly. This library is so cool that it can even work with multiple devices at the same time!

AndroidCtrl.dll can be used in every Windows-based project using ADB, Fastboot, or AAPT. If you want to try it in action, there are some demo applications presenting the library’s capabilities. Those applications require .NET 4 and Java Runtime Environment to work properly.

Make your project efficient, user-friendly, and light. Get the AndroidCtrl.dll by visiting the AndroidCtrl.dll project thread.