Andromeda Lets You Theme Oreo Without Root, and It’s on Sale

Andromeda Lets You Theme Oreo Without Root, and It’s on Sale

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One of the reasons people root their Android phones is to get system-wide theming support. In the past, it was built into CyanogenMod’s popular Theme Engine (CMTE), but CMTE was retired in LineageOS, and the baton of system-wide theming support has been passed to Substratum. Substratum required custom ROM support initially, but that changed with the release of Android Oreo.

Android Oreo brought native support for themes based on the Overlay Manager Service (OMS). The developers of Substratum released Andromeda, a paid add-on package for Substratum that allows system-wide theming even on rootless Android devices. Andromeda requires the Substratum application and a one-click desktop too, which allows Substratum to get elevated privileges.

For rootless users, Andromeda opens a world of possibilities: You can apply a system-wide dark theme, change your phone’s navigation bar icons, and a lot more. Check out our tutorials for more inspiration:

Thanks to Andromeda, rootless theming support is a reality on devices powered by Android Oreo. Now, from Wednesday until the New Year, Andromeda is on sale for $1.20, down from the standard $1.99 price. In addition, the Sungstratum add-on is on sale for $1.20. 

The limited-time reduced pricing makes Andromeda even more of a steal for rootless users interested in system-wide theming. If you’re interested in taking advantage, head over to the Andromeda XDA forum thread for more information.

Source: Syko Pompos (on Google+)