AndromiumOS Review

AndromiumOS Review

Today Miles is going to review the AndromiumOS in a new XDA TV video. Over the years smartphones have become powerful enough that many modders are developing ROMs that can replace your desktop OS. RemixOS is the most popular option which turns your tablet into a desktop-like environment. AndromiumOS is a simple app that can be downloaded at no cost. Lets take a closer look.

The Superbook

The Superbook started a kickstarter campaign to develop an external screen and keyboard that would be powered by your phone. The campaign looks promising and while the product hasn’t been released yet, we can use Andromium to get a very similar result.


Andromium App

The AndromiumOS comes in the form of a free app that you can grab from the Play store. To push the UI to an external display, you’ll have the option of HDMI or Cast.



There isn’t much built into the OS as it’s still a fairly new app. There are about 6 apps ready to go, the first one being the browser. It’s nothing too exciting but it does what it’s supposed to. You can run multiple tabs, save bookmarks, and video playback is surprisingly smooth.


The file explorer is clean and simple. It will give you access to all of the files on your android device.


The video and audio media player is still going through some beta pains. You’ll only get a few seconds of playback before it starts to skip and freak out.


You’ll also find some basic apps like a calculator and minesweeper.


As of right now it’s far from a desktop replacement. We will see where projects like this go in the future and keep a close eye on them.

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