AndroPlatina Utilities Gets Major Update, New GUI and Kernel Flashing

AndroPlatina Utilities Gets Major Update, New GUI and Kernel Flashing

A little over a month ago, we brought you news of a budding tool kit known as AndroPlatina. The first release didn’t have a lot of features. However, it certainly was a great idea that, once matured, had the potential to become a very useful toolkit. Now, with only a few planned features left to implement, AndroPlatina’s latest update makes it just as awesome as was promised.

Developed by XDA Recognized Contributor varun.chitre15, the first release had all of three or four features. With the latest update to version 2.0, not only has AndroPlatina gotten a generous UI face lift, but has now stabilized enough features to be considered a very useful tool kit. Some of the features that have been implemented since the original version include:

Complete Fastboot Flasher
Any Device Unrooter
Complete Recovery Tools (still in progress but mostly working)
Kernel flasher
Boot Animation Changer
APK Installer
Improved GUI

There is still a lot of work to be done, and many more features to be implemented. A couple of particularly useful features that are still yet to be implemented are a full ROM kitchen, the ability to flash a ROM as an executable on a PC, and a complete theming kitchen. For more info, check out the original thread.

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