Andy Rubin Talks About the Essential Phone, Essential Home and the Future of the Company

Andy Rubin Talks About the Essential Phone, Essential Home and the Future of the Company

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Most Android enthusiasts know who Andy Rubin is and his major achievements throughout his life. This is mainly because he and a team of people created the Android platform, but also because he worked in Google’s X division, started his own incubator and recently started his own technology product company. Essential made headlines last month when they announced their first product, the Essential Phone, and a smart-home hub known as the Essential Home.

We’ve been talking about Andy Rubin here at XDA for a long time, but it’s clear the man has his own vision for what the future could hold. While many people in the Android community are focusing on the Essential Phone (for obvious reasons), it seems as if Mr. Rubin has bigger plans for the Essential Home smart-home hub. In a recent interview at WIRED’s 2017 Business Conference in New York, he spoke about how the Essential Phone is a necessary first step.

As a society, we are moving to a mobile-first world and even big companies like Google are seeing this trend as well. So Mr. Rubin knows that to achieve their main goal, a smartphone has to be in a picture somehow. But when he spoke at this conference, he mentions how he wants to solve the issue of every smart device being on its own “island.” Hardly any of them talk to other smart-home products that aren’t build by the same company and this is a lot of lost potential.

This is why the Essential Home is using its own operating system. The team at Essential needed to build all the possible protocols and languages into one device and they felt a new OS was the best way to achieve that. So their goal is to have the Essential Home connect to all other smart-home devices in your house, and then you’ll be able to relay commands from it or even from the Essential Phone itself. Mr. Rubin even talked about how they were likely to expand into cars in the future with a smart dashcam.

This should even be familiar for those who have followed his carrier as it was just last year when he made headlines talking about a giving people a free dashcam.

Source: WIRED