Andy Rubin’s Company ‘Essential’ to Launch New Android Smartphone On May 30th

Andy Rubin’s Company ‘Essential’ to Launch New Android Smartphone On May 30th

Andy Rubin, one of the co-founders of Android, is set to announce a new Android smartphone this month. Rubin worked at Google for nine years before finally leaving the company in 2014 to launch a start-up called Essential. Back in March, Rubin teased a bezel-less smartphone that their team has been working on. It was said at the time the phone would run on Android and that it would be officially launched sometime in mid-2017.

Now, it appears we certainly won’t have to wait long to learn more about this mysterious device. Essential, the firm behind the project, yesterday took to Twitter to share some details about their upcoming smartphone.

According to Essential’s Twitter page, the company will officially unveil their new device on May 30th (well, something “big”, but you know what that means).

Unfortunately, apart from confirming the launch date, the tweet didn’t reveal any other information regarding device’s specifications or functionalities.

It’s not exactly clear at this point how this new smartphone will differentiate itself from existing flagships such the Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy S8 in terms of functionality. However, a report from Bloomberg earlier this year claimed the device would be equipped with artificial intelligence technology to improve the user experience. The report also claimed the company was developing a proprietary connector for charging that would also let users connect additional hardware to expand device’s capabilities in a sort of a modular style fashion. Additionally, the same report also said the device was being designed with metal edges and a ceramic back.

Finally, in a later tweet by Essential, the company posted a teaser image of the device, sporting what looks like to be a 360-camera attachment on top.

This squares up nicely with Blomberg’s report which also claimed that some of the engineers from Rubin’s team were working on a sphere-shaped camera add-on that allows users to shoot high-resolution 360-degree images.

With the official launch just a few days away at this point, we’ll likely find out more once the device becomes official.

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