Anker Planning to Release PowerCore+ 26,800 mAh Powerbank with USB Power Delivery In/Out

Anker Planning to Release PowerCore+ 26,800 mAh Powerbank with USB Power Delivery In/Out

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A fair few smartphones released in 2016 brought back a focus on usable battery life (finally). Phones started packing bigger batteries as a general trend, and with more efficient SoC’s on the rise (Snapdragon 620 series for instance), battery life will again be a hot topic in 2017.

However, sometimes your phone’s battery is just not enough. There certainly is demand for more, which is why portable chargers and powerbanks exist and are so popular. Portable chargers from reputable brands seek to keep up with the latest in charging technology, packing in bigger and denser batteries and with faster charging technologies.

Anker, one of the more reputable Chinese manufacturers of branded powerbanks and charging accessories, is planning to release a high capacity portable charger that seeks to adopt the USB Power Delivery specification for output and input charging as well. This charger will function through USB Type-C ports.

The newer ‘PowerCore+ 26800 USB-C with PD’ will support both USB PD for input and output. Output can range up to 30W (5V/3A, 9V/3A, 15V/2A, 20V/1.5A) while input specifications range between 5V/3A and 9V/3A. In Anker’s existing lineup, the PowerCore+ 20100 is the preliminary version of a USB Type-C charger with USB Power Delivery but is only limited to output, not input. Output is capped at 15W (5V/3A), and input support is only for 5V/2A, which can be rather slow for a charger this big. Thankfully, with USB PD, the new PowerCore will charge much more quickly than its predecessor.

Anker’s support did not expand on the pricing and availability of this portable charger. Following the rise of USB Type-C charging in several electronics including laptops, having a high capacity portable charger with support for USB Power Delivery in both input and output will be a huge selling point in the near future.

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