Anker’s cables, chargers, and portable batteries are up to 35% off today

Anker’s cables, chargers, and portable batteries are up to 35% off today

Anker is one of the best accessory companies around, with dozens of chargers, cables, stands, and other tech available to fit every use case. There are new sales from Anker on a regular basis, with different products circling in and out of discounts, and today Amazon has several Anker cables and chargers on sale until midnight.

Most of the sales are on portable batteries and wall chargers, but Anker also has some Lightning cables on sale for you Apple fans out there. The most interesting product on sale is probably the Powerport Speed+ for $18.19 (30% off), which has both USB Type-C and Type-A plugs, with a maximum charging speed of 30W. It’s a great option for charging your phone and an accessory (like a smartwatch) simultaneously.


We’ve linked all of the discounted items below for you to browse through. These sales end at midnight tonight, so if you want something, don’t wait too long.

    This power strip has a 5-ft cord with one standard wall outlet, one USB Type-C port, and two USB Type-A ports. It's $26, $10 off the normal price.

    This 30W USB charger is perfect for phones, tablets, and many laptops. It's $18.19, a savings of $7.80 over the usual price.

    This is a 25,600mAh portable battery with bundled with a 65W USB-PD charger. It's $110, $50 off the normal price.

    This 3-pack of Lightning cords is a great option for replacing Apple's own poorly-built cables.

    This dock can wirelessly charge an iPhone and Apple Watch at the same time. It's $30, $13 off the normal price.

    This charging pad can charge iPhones and Samsung phones at up to 15W. It's $20, $10 off the normal price.

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