Announcing the Official XDA-Developers Telegram Group

Last month, we launched the official XDA-Developers Discord server. It’s a great place to go for announcements, Android news, development, device help, and just general off-topic chat. However, we’re aware that not everyone uses Discord. We told you a Telegram group would be coming soon and today is the big day. The official XDA-Developers discussion groups are open for business on the platform.

If you’re unfamiliar with Telegram, it’s quite a bit different than Discord. They have mobile apps, desktop apps, and web apps for just about every platform you can imagine—Android and Chrome included. The XDA hub channel has links to groups for all the major OEMs and a general discussion group as well. If you’re a Telegram user, this will be the place to go for Android development, help, and discussion.

If you are interested in joining the group, then first head on over to the XDA-Developers Hub where you’ll find all links to join the other groups that you might be interested in. We recommend joining the General group and the group for the OEM of your choice.

Join the XDA-Developers Telegram Group

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