Announcing XDA’s First In-House ROM — LabROM

Announcing XDA’s First In-House ROM — LabROM

XDA-Developers finally gets its own Custom ROM

At XDA-Developers, we are always looking to break new grounds by providing the community the tools it needs to produce the best custom ROMs. Today, though, we are proud to announce we’ve produced the best custom ROM ourselves.

Through the power of the XDA community, we’ve achieved great things — all of us, together as one. But for XDA to fully make its mark in the world, it needed to go beyond hosting ROMs: we needed a ROM for ourselves, a fresh start for development, and a new standard for ROMs everywhere, especially OEMs (looking at you, Samsung).

I’m going to make our ROM so big, so powerful, so strong, that nobody — absolutely nobody — is going to mess with us,”

Mario Serrafero
Building upon lessons learned while unifying OnePlus 3 and 3T ROMs and forums (I helped), the new XDA LabROM will be universally unified starting with Snapdragon devices, and MediaTek support being added at a later date. This not only means that we can support the majority of devices from day one, it also means that we can reduce support, discussion, and bug reports to just one mega-thread in the forums, instead of having individual threads for each device.

The ROM will feature pure, unadulterated honest-to-Duarte stock Android, beginning with Android O later this year. The included Aroma installer will allow for rapid installation of all your favorite mods, tweaks and apps including Magisk, SuperSU, Xposed, Viper, and the entire Cheetah Mobile collection for all of you masochists out there. Removing the included bloatware will keep you entertained for hours as Aroma detects your available storage upon each update and will install just enough sponsored apps to fill your storage — after all as the old saying goes “unused storage is wasted storage”. We have also been working hard to bring you the best features, which is why we are proud to announce a new partnership with — LabROM will be the first custom ROM in the whole world to natively support downloading more RAM for your device, directly from your quick settings! *

Our new adjustments to how Android handles launchers override your default launcher settings too, meaning that no matter which 3rd party launcher you use, XDA Labs is just one swipe away. Taking design cues from the world’s most iconic developers from Google and OnePlus, a simple swipe will take you directly to the content we want you to see, and the best bit is that you have access to content from our Portal minutes before anyone else — you’ll get to see all the embarassing typos before we even correct them.

We take your security very seriously, too, which is why we included the latest in privacy technology, our built-in firewall successfully blocks all traffic making this ROM probably the most secure advancement in the smartphone industry since facial recognition. Tired of spam phone calls? So are we! LabROM doesn’t support phone calls which our research has shown to resolve the problem by at least 50%, 100% of the time. We considered adding connectivity features, but ultimately decided against it — you might be able to work it into the ROM yourself, but we weren’t able to.

“I will build a great firewall — and nobody builds firewalls better than me, believe me –and I’ll build them very inexpensively. I will build a great, great firewall on our ROM, and I will make Google pay for that firewall. Mark my words.”


Experience LabROM months before anybody else with our Developer Preview coming this summer, only for the XDA LabPhone.



Download Links:
-AndroidFileHost (coming soon)

-Megaupload (coming soon)


  • Camera
  • Launcher
  • Firewall
  • Material Design
  • XDA Labs

Doesn’t work (WIP):

  • Wi-Fi (Feature)
  • Calls (Feature)
  • Bluetooth (No idea how it works)
  • NFC (No one uses it anyway)
  • Play Store (Third party apps are overrated anyway)
  • Charging (Coming in future OTA)


  • You tell me

What features would you like us to include in LabROM? Leave a comment below!

*Automatic RAM downloading coming at a later date.

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