Google Addresses Annoying Google Assistant Screen Scan Bug, Fix Coming With a Future Update

Google Addresses Annoying Google Assistant Screen Scan Bug, Fix Coming With a Future Update

Since Google Assistant‘s introduction as a mobile assistant back in October 2016, it has also come with its fair share of bugs and issues that have been ironed out with subsequent updates, together with new features like keyboard input support, screen scan improvements, and a lot more. A recent issue has been plaguing some Google Assistant users, in which whenever “What’s on my screen” is pressed, the Google Assistant page would scroll all the way up to the top of your Assistant’s history, with the user having to manually scroll down to see their intended search results.

Obviously, this is a pretty annoying behavior which breaks the UX of the screen scan mode of the Google Assistant. This issue has been going on for quite some time without a fix from Google to be seen, requiring an annoyed user to manually report the issue over at the Google Issue Tracker on September 25th. The issue was originally reported to happen on a Google Pixel running Android 8.0 Oreo, with theĀ version of the Google app. It was picked up by a Google employee around an hour after it was initially reported on the Google Issue Tracker, and it was marked as fixed by the same Google employee on September 27th.

It was also confirmed that the fix was rolling out in a future release of the Google app, which given the nature of the bug, should be pretty soon. The video depicted above shows the issue in action on the original user’s Google Pixel device on Android Oreo. There’s currently no details on when will said future release will actually roll out to users, but if you’re affected by that issue, then be on the lookout for a future Google app update, where a fix will be readily available. You can read more on said issue, along with the answers provided by Google, in the official Google Issue Tracker thread.

Source: Google Issue Tracker

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