aodNotify toggles the AOD when you get a new notification on Samsung Galaxy phones

aodNotify toggles the AOD when you get a new notification on Samsung Galaxy phones

There are a few reasons why someone might not want to pick up a Galaxy S10 or other Galaxy phone off the shelf. There are some complaints that the general Android community has about the devices, but one considerable reason for not picking them up, at least for me personally, is the lack of a notification LED.

Not having that small light going off every time there is a notification made sure I missed a good amount of them. The impulsive nature I have would make me pull the notification panel down and clear all the notifications in an instant. It had gotten to a point where I had to install one of those Notification Trackers apps that basically kept a log of the notifications that appeared on the panel, regardless of the action taken in relation to them by the user. However, there’s now a solution to this annoying (little) problem. It’s not a perfect solution, but as long as it works it can be utilized in a very productive manner.



XDA Senior Member Jawomo developed an app titled “aodNotify.” What the application does, basically, is enable the Always On Display (AOD) as soon as a notification hits the panel. As soon as the notifications are cleared, the application automatically turns the AOD off. In addition, specific applications (ones allowed to control the AOD toggle mechanism) can be selected from a list of all the applications installed on the device as well.

Let us know how you feel about aodNotify, keeping in mind that it consumes minimal amounts of that precious juice our phones run on. Head over to Jawomo’s forum post in order to learn more.

Notification light for Samsung
Developer: Jawomo
Price: Free

Read more about aodNotify in the Galaxy S10 forum

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