Apex Launcher Devs Announce a New Update Coming Next Month

Apex Launcher Devs Announce a New Update Coming Next Month

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There are a number of custom launchers available in the Play Store and each one generally has some features that make it stand out among the others. Apex Launcher was an incredibly popular custom launcher for Android for a long time, but it has had less attention lately with the rising competition from the likes of Action Launcher, Nova Launcher and others. It also doesn’t help that Apex Launcher hasn’t been updated since June of 2015…

There are still a number of fans that continue to use Apex Launcher since some people simply aren’t looking for new features being packed into a custom launcher. Yesterday though, the developers behind Apex Launcher published a blog post on Medium to announce that they are back. Not only is the custom launcher in active development again, but they are scheduled to release a new update for it sometime next month. We just don’t know what will be included in the update.

In the blog post, we were told that Apex Launcher is back with a “a brand new development and support team.” They said the team is currently working to make the custom launcher “even more feature rich and fast on Android 7 Nougat,” but didn’t go into details. So the upcoming update that is happening in May will not likely come with new features, but instead they will focus on optimizations to get it up to date with the current version of Android.

The new team did say that “more features are in the works” right now, and that they will be released in multiple updates that are pushed after next month. Along with this announcement, the team has announced a new Facebook page and also include a link to their Twitter page. They say there will be more blog posts published to their Medium profile and that there is also a new UserVoice page up for those who want to request and vote for new features.

Source: Medium