[APK Compendium] Google Docs, Sheets, Play Store, and Music Receive Minor Updates, and the Rest of This Week’s Updates

[APK Compendium] Google Docs, Sheets, Play Store, and Music Receive Minor Updates, and the Rest of This Week’s Updates

Update: Looks like we have another incremental update for Google Docs as well, bringing it to, up from


This was a great week in terms of first party Google application updates. Wednesday afternoon, we first saw a significant update to Google Camera, which brought us self-timer, 16:9 capture support, and two new panoramic capture modes. Then a few hours later, we saw some rather significant updates to Google Goggles, Chrome Beta, and Android Device Manager–as well as minor updates to Chrome Stable, Docs, Sheets, and Books. Finally the very next day, Google Maps 8.1.0 brought back terrain view to the mobile app—a feature we haven’t seen since the introduction of Google Maps 7, a year and a half ago.

With these nine first party Google application updates, you’d be forgiven for assuming that these are all that Google has in store for us this week. While this is true for the most part, as there are no additional significant updates to cover, Google has issued out a set of three new minor application updates over the course of the last two days.

First up, we have Google Sheets, which bumps us up from the previous version seen just a few days ago. Next, we have Google Play Music 5.5.1514O.1185867, which brings us from the previous 5.5.1509O.1140258 build we saw at the beginning of this month. Finally, we have the Google Play Store 4.8.20, which is up from version 4.8.19 from two weeks ago.

As can be inferred from the incredibly minor point revision changes, these updates are only behind-the-scenes bugfixes, and bring no new user-facing features. However, updates are updates, and if you’re one to like being on the newest builds at all times, they’ve got their purpose.

All of these app updates will make their way out to consumer devices through the Play Store via a staged rollout. Naturally, not every device will be in initial wave. However, we’ve gone ahead and mirrored the APKs over on our DevHost account for your sideloading pleasure:

And in reverse chronological order, here are the latest versions of all of the Google first party application updates we’ve seen over the last few weeks:

Google Play Services for all available screen densities.

[Many thanks to XDA Portal Supporter MihirGosai for the APKs]

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