[APK Available] Chrome Beta 33.0.1750.70 Update Brings Various Minor Fixes

[APK Available] Chrome Beta 33.0.1750.70 Update Brings Various Minor Fixes

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Just a few hours ago, we talked about various updates to some first party Google applications. With new versions of Maps, Search, Hangouts, Drive, and Newsstand; you’d be forgiven for thinking that Google was done for the day. This, however, appears to not be the case, as Google has updated the beta channel of Chrome for Android.

Unlike the previous batch of updates for Google’s apps, there are no directly user-facing changes that we have observed thus far. The UI and menus all appear to be the same, as well as gross functionality. However, the update brings a couple of crash fixes that could potentially make your browser experience a tad better, as well as a more mysterious fix:

332364: “Name Required” alert message is displayed while adding a folder for handsets and tablets

The update also appears to break a couple things: namely the ability to clear search input history and problems with the video player. More information can be found in the Chrome Blog, with a more thorough changelog available on Chromium.org.

The update appears to be rolling out gradually to devices through the Google Play Store’s beta channel. But for those looking to get in on the update a little early, we’ve uploaded the APK for the latest beta over on DevHost.