Learn How to Build an APK Installer for Your Tizen Smartwatch Widget

Learn How to Build an APK Installer for Your Tizen Smartwatch Widget

As of right now, if you want to install a widget into your smartwatch running Tizen OS such as the Samsung Gear 2, you’ll have to sideload the wgt file onto the device using SBD tool. I’m sure that for many Android users who also happen to own a Tizen wearable, installing widgets onto that device isn’t as straightforward as what one may have gotten used to when using Android. With this said, there’s now a way which you can install Tizen widgets as an APK courtesy of XDA Recognized Developer Skin1980.

Skin1980 has written a tutorial teaching you how to build an APK installer for your Tizen widget enabling you to install the widget as a simple APK rather than sideloading it using SBD tool. The process requires you to download and unpack the provided APK source, import it into Eclipse, make a few edits and export the result as an Android app. And with the exported APK file, all you have to do is install it as you would like any other Android app.


If you have a wgt file that you want to install onto your Tizen smart watch, or a developer of Tizen widgets looking to make installation for your users much simpler, Skin1980’s tutorial is something you’ll want to check out. So if you would like to get started, head over to the Tizen widget APK tutorial thread for more information.

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