Apktool Project Receives a Sponsorship from Sourcetoad

Apktool Project Receives a Sponsorship from Sourcetoad

Apktool is a popular piece of software within the Android community and we’ve talked about it on many, many occasions here at XDA. For those who are unaware, Apktool is a piece of software that’s written in Java which allows you to disassemble/reverse engineer 3rd party, closed, binary Android applications.

Apktool does plenty of other things and you can check out the documentation here if you want to read up more on it. The project has been open source since Connor Tumbleson created it back in 2011 and this means it comes with its own challenges when it comes to maintaining it for 7+ years. Some open source projects start out as a hobby and the amount of time the developer has to maintain and continue working on it can diminish throughout the years.

This is exactly what happened to Apktool as Mr. Tumbleson has gone from being a student to having a full time job. This results in having less time for hobby projects and that has slowed down the frequency of releases and commits to Apktool. However, he has some good news this week in that Apktool has received an official sponsorship from his very own workplace, Sourcetoad. You’ll see two new commits to the project which reflect this sponsorship information.

Mr. Tumbleson says this is “nothing more than some background and links to Sourcetoad” so we shouldn’t worry about any drastic changes. Although, he does say that this sponsorship will result in the Apktool project being able to grow in terms of support, maintenance and development. Since this comes from his own workplace, he says he’ll be able to work on the project from work as well as home since it’s still a hobby of his.

Source: Connor Tumbleson

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