Apollo Lake Powered Chromebook Discovered, Possibly Made by Acer

Apollo Lake Powered Chromebook Discovered, Possibly Made by Acer

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An Apollo Lake powered Chromebook has been discovered in the Chromium Repository, thanks to Chrome Unboxed. Complete with the ability to fold over and convert to a tablet along with a backlit keyboard, the Apollo Lake powered Chromebook known as “Bruce” looks to be a somewhat one-of-a-kind Chromebook. Apollo Lake is Intel’s successor to Braswell and is aimed at lower cost devices while offering performance gains of up to 30% over its predecessor.

For those unfamiliar with Chromebooks, they are Linux based computers which focus on using the Google Chrome browser for nearly all work done on the machine, placing a greater emphasis on using cloud-based applications for productivity work. Many newer models have also started to support running Android apps from the Google Play Store, and a new model is looking to join that list of devices.

The folks over at Chrome Unboxed also discovered that the device may be made by Acer based on information in the commits they found. One of the primary indicators of the manufacturer is the fact that one of the commits was made by an account with an email address at Quanta, a device manufacturer. Quanta has manufactured devices for lots of different companies including the Google Pixelbook according to FCC documents. Though, Quanta, when producing Chrome OS devices, have also nearly exclusively meant they are for Acer. What’s more, the email address behind all of the Quanta commits has only ever made commits for Acer devices. This further suggests the device is made by Acer.

The device may be a refresh of the ever popular Acer Chromebook R11 or it may be an entirely new device from Acer. It may even be an entirely different brand of Chromebook! We’ll likely see the device announced in a few months time, and when it is we’ll let you know.

Via: Chrome Unboxed