App Drawers: Are They Necessary? MWC 2016

App Drawers: Are They Necessary? MWC 2016

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From MWC 2016 we have seen the future of mobile and for Android appears to have a lack of app drawers. The LG G5’s newest interface lacks one, but it can be enabled by changing the theme. Many other new devices are missing it as well. XDA TV Host TK asks the question: Are app drawer necessary? Is the lack of one a big deal? Check out this video and leave your thoughts below.

In case you missed it we showed you the LG G5Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, the LG G5 app drawer, the Huawei MateBookthe Sony Xperia X line, a demo of Ubuntu Unity 8 and convergencethe Xiaomi Mi 5, the Samsung Connect Auto, Samsung Knox Customization, Jide Remix OS and interviewed the folks at honor from MWC 2016.

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