Play Store’s App Name Length Increases to a 50 Character Limit

Play Store’s App Name Length Increases to a 50 Character Limit

Google has approached the Play Store much differently than other companies have done their application stores. Apple has a mostly-manual approval system in place so not only can publishing an application take a while, but you can get flat out rejected for reasons that the company doesn’t even list in their rules. Google has rules of their own in the Play Store (such as the app name), but the approval process is more open.

Applications and games are still scanned for potential violations of their rules, but most of the time the manual rejections are done because it was brought to Google’s attention by someone. We see this in some of Google’s other services as well (such as YouTube), and for the most part it has served them well. Still, Google has a number of restrictions that developers must abide by and you can find the details in their Developer Policy Center.

A lot of these limits are enforced automatically, such as the character length for application and game listings. Google doesn’t want an app name to be packed with keywords as that can mislead those who are actively searching for stuff in the Play Store. For example, if someone searches for Pokemon Go, they should see the actual Pokemon Go title at the top. They shouldn’t be seeing another monster catcher game at the top simply because it stuffed those keywords into the title.

Previously, this limit was set to 30 characters and so far it has served developers well. However, just like Twitter, there are times in which an application or game needs more than that. After much consideration, Google has decided to increase this limit from 30 characters to 50. So if you’re a developer who has always wanted to expand the app name but couldn’t, then you should head into the Google Play Console and update it now.

Source: Google Play Console Help

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