App Settings Reborn is a new version of the popular Xposed mod that lets you tweak per-app settings

App Settings Reborn is a new version of the popular Xposed mod that lets you tweak per-app settings

The popular Xposed App Settings module, which rolled out all the way back in 2013, has received a new lease on life thanks to XDA Member Blue cat. App Settings Reborn is an updated version of the original App Settings module for newer versions of Android, which lets you modify app settings like DPI, font scaling, fullscreen mode, locale, etc. on a per-app basis.

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As you can see in the attached screenshots, the App Settings Reborn module gives you easy access to the settings for all the apps installed on your device. Tapping on any app on the home screen opens up the Settings page for the app, letting you modify the app’s DPI, font scaling, locale, fullscreen mode, orientation, notifications, and more with just a couple of taps.


The module also lets you check the permissions for each app and revoke all permissions with a single tap. Here’s a list of all the settings that you can control with the new App Settings Reborn Xposed module:

  • Screenshot control
  • Density/dpi
  • Font scale
  • Fake screen size for resources loading
  • Locale (language)
  • Fullscreen mode
  • Hide title bar
  • Keep screen on while app is visible
  • Show app above lockscreen
  • Disable fullscreen keyboard input
  • Force orientation (portrait/landscape/auto)
  • Mute audio (for most apps)
  • Insistent notifications (loop the sound/reboot required)
  • Force or prevent ongoing notifications (reboot required)
  • Mute notifications (reboot required)
  • Stay resident in memory (reboot required)
  • Force or exclude app from recent (reboot required)
  • Access to recent tasks (reboot required)
  • Revoke permissions (double reboot required)
  • Force using legacy (navbar) menu button (not available on Android 10.0+)
  • Notifications priority (not available on Android 8.0+)
  • Disable big (expanded) notifications (not available on Android 6.0+)

If you’re interested in trying out the App Settings Reborn Xposed module, you can download the module from the XDA Forums thread linked below. Do note that all apps on your device may not work with all of the aforementioned settings. It’s also worth noting that the module has only been tested on Android 10 (Samsung firmware), but it should work with older versions of Android.

App Settings Reborn XDA Forums thread

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