This app uses your phone’s barometer to test its water resistance

This app uses your phone’s barometer to test its water resistance

Although most smartphone OEMs rigorously test their devices before putting them out on the market, you can never be completely sure of all the claims they make. This is why many reviewers like Zack Nelson from the JerryRigEverything YouTube channel put phones through various, often unnecessary, stress tests. But since most of us can’t afford to perform such tests on our devices, we’re left with no choice but to believe the manufacturer’s claims if someone else hasn’t done the tests already. Thankfully, there’s a new app that will let you perform one such test without putting your phone in harm’s way.


Water Resistance Tester from developer Ray W is a nifty app that lets you test your phone’s IP67/IP68 water resistance without dunking it in water. The app uses the built-in barometer to check if your phone’s water resistance seals are intact or not. If you’re wondering how that works, here’s a simple explanation from the developer: “When a phone’s water resistance seals are intact, and you apply force to the phone, it results in a measurable increase of internal pressure as picked up by the phone’s built-in barometer. That’s the mechanism the app uses to do its job.” Check out the video embedded below to see the app in action.

If you’re interested in giving it a go, you can download the Water Resistance Tester app from the Play Store link below. To test your phone, just install the app and press down firmly on your phone’s screen in the marked areas. If your phone’s water resistance seals are intact, the app will display a checkmark and a message stating, “Your phone’s water resistance seals appear to be intact.” It goes without saying that even if the app says that your phone is water resistant, you probably shouldn’t dunk it in water.

Water Resistance Tester
Developer: Ray W
Price: Free


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