Apple could soon be adding per-website dark mode toggles in Safari

Apple could soon be adding per-website dark mode toggles in Safari

Safari is one of the most commonly used web browsers on Apple devices. It’s fast, reliable, and efficient when it comes to energy usage. This web browser supports a wide variety of features that cater to basic needs. However, power users sometimes find it lacking when compared to its rivals, such as Google Chrome. In an attempt to beef up Safari, Apple has been working on adding a number of new features internally. These include the long overdue push notification support for websites on iOS — which an early iOS 15.4 beta revealed. The latest findings point at the possibility of Apple implementing per-website dark mode toggles in Safari for both iOS and macOS. It’s worth noting, though, that these are only traces that 9to5Mac has found in WebKit’s code. So it’s still unknown when and if they’ll roll out to users.


9to5Mac has discovered that Apple might be working on adding independent, per-website dark mode toggles to Safari. For the unfamiliar, WebKit is Apple’s browser engine that powers all web browsers on iOS and Safari on macOS. Considering it’s open sourced, anyone can scan its public code to figure out what the company could be developing in this department. If this particular feature makes its way to end users, people would be able to override dark mode system preferences on a per-website basis. This would spare users having to toggle dark mode for the entire operating system when visiting a website they’d rather view in dark or light mode at all times.

Considering this feature is still under development, there’s no guarantee that it’ll ever see the light of day. It’s not uncommon for companies to internally work on features — only to drop them altogether later on. While I personally wouldn’t need a per-website dark mode toggle that overrides the system, it’s still a welcome addition that would further enrich Safari.

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Source: GitHub

Via: 9to5Mac

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