Apple might crash Google I/O party with AirPods 3 launch

Apple might crash Google I/O party with AirPods 3 launch

We’ve heard for months that Apple is going to launch new AirPods, but so far nothing has debuted. With Google scheduled to kick off I/O next week — and possibly launch new Pixel Buds — Apple might try and crash the party with an AirPods announcement on May 18.

According to YouTuber Luke Miani and the website AppleTrack (via 9to5Mac), Apple is apparently ready to ship AirPods 3 and could announce them via a press release. We’ve seen Apple announce new products over press release in the past, so the move wouldn’t be unusual. Apple recently announced the AirTag and new iMac at an event in April, but new AirPods were nowhere to be found.


Apple AirPods 3 leak

An earlier leak of supposed AirPods 3

As 9to5Mac points out, neither Miani nor AppleTrack has a track record when it comes to leaking unannounced Apple products. The reality is AirPods 3 rumors have persisted for months, and we’ve seen several leaked images of what they could look like. Based on what we’ve seen, the new earbuds could have a smaller stem and feature a design that more closely matches the current AirPods Pro.

In addition to the possible launch of AirPods 3, Miani and AppleTrack also claim Apple is preparing to launch an Apple Music HiFi plan with Dolby Audio support. Spotify, one of Apple Music’s largest competitors, announced its own HiFi plan set to launch in select markets later this year.

The timing of Apple’s rumored AirPods 3 launch could take away some of the thunder from Google, which kicks off its I/O conference on May 18. We’re expecting the search giant to share more details about Android 12, but Google might also unveil more affordable Pixel Buds. What better way for Apple to counter new Google earbuds than with an announcement of its own?

Of course, Apple’s WWDC is just around the corner, where it could announce new earbuds along with new software for iPhone, iPad, and Mac. We’ll see how things play out on May 18.

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