Get the Apple Airpods Pro with free next-day delivery for just $194!

Get the Apple Airpods Pro with free next-day delivery for just $194!

The Apple Airpods Pro are a popular and powerful pair of earbuds. While it’s Apple brand, the earbuds can connect to any Bluetooth enabled device, so Android users also get in on the Airpods experience. With the ability to seamlessly listen to music, take calls, and anything else you’d need to do, Airpods have always been a top choice for those looking for their next set of earbuds.

Now, at Staples, you can get the Apple AirPods Pro for just $194! Normally $249, this knocks a whole $55 off the retail price. In addition, Staples offers free next-day delivery, so unlike other retailers offering this price on the Airpods Pro, you can safely purchase these online and get them tomorrow, without needing to leave the house. That’s really important in times like these!


If there is a Staples near you, you can go and pick them up, though. Basically, the next-day delivery is really fast and convenient, but if you need them as soon as possible, you can get your new Apple AirPods Pro in as quickly as an hour.

If you’re not already an AirPods user, you might be wondering what the fuss is. Most consumers know that Apple can charge a premium for its device due to the brand name, but the Apple AirPods Pro are quality devices worth the price of admission. The AirPods Pro contains an H1 chip, which ensures low audio latency and are sweat and water-resistant. Perfect for outdoor fitness! You can get more than 24 hours of listening time on a single charge, and when they do run dry, they’ll charge quickly in the case, wirelessly or wired.

There is plenty more to get into, but it might just be better to look at the specs and details on Staples’ store page! The details include a deep breakdown of the audio aspects, which I can’t begin to understand. But, I know it’s a pretty solid piece of audio technology!

    Save $55 and get free next day delivery? What are you waiting for? The Apple AirPods Pro are a quality set of earbuds, and you can get them at a nice discount at Staples.

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