Apple AirPods with USB-C are now a reality, thanks to a mod

Apple AirPods with USB-C are now a reality, thanks to a mod

If you’ve created the world’s first iPhone with USB-C, and also added a Lightning connector to an Android phone, where do you go next? Apparently, you add another notch to your belt by delivering another the world’s first, Apple AirPods with USB-C.

It was around this time last year when Ken Pillonel posted a proof of concept video showing off his USB-C iPhone mod. Five months later, the USB-C iPhone would be born. You have to give it to Pillonel, he’s ambitious. Which brings us to his latest project, modding an AirPods case with a USB-C port. In his latest video, Pillonel shows how he fixed a frustrating issue when it comes to owning multiple Apple products.


You have to give it to Pillonel, he’s ambitious.

If you don’t know, Apple chooses to use different types of connectors for its devices. Its current and past laptops, relied on USB-C and the MagSafe connector. For its more modern iPhones, Apple has stuck with Lightning connector. Apple’s iPads are a mixed bag, with some using USB-C, and others the Lightning connector. As for AirPods, those all require a Lightning cable for charging. Now, you can kind of see the problem here if you own a number of these devices.

While Pillonel could have tackled the iPad, he focused on AirPods, mainly because there are already USB-C compatible iPads from Apple. Like his previous projects, he started by creating a proof of concept. Within four months, he was able to show the world AirPods that can charge via USB-C. Perhaps what makes this specific modification more interesting than it already is, is that Pillonel has plans to make this open source. He has even made it so that the modification can be completed just be replacing the current parts found inside the AirPods case with a new one.

Hopefully, the modification will be available in the near future, as it doesn’t look like Apple will be adding USB-C to its newest iPhones or moving away from the Lightning connector any time soon. Although those in Europe might see that day soon thank to its recent proposal.

Source: Exploring the Simulation (YouTube)
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