Apple now allows developers to create custom App Store product pages

Apple now allows developers to create custom App Store product pages

Back in June, Apple announced during WWDC21 that it would eventually allow app developers to create custom App Store product pages. This enables them to showcase different contents — such as icons, screenshots, and descriptions — to different people. Developers will get access to statistics based on each product page to find out which appeals to users the most. Additionally, they will have the option to share custom pages through unique links to highlight certain in-app events or features at a particulate time. The Cupertino giant is now rolling out these new additions to all registered developers worldwide.


As 9to5Mac reports, Apple has shared a post on its Developer website announcing the availability of these features. Developers all around the globe should be able to utilize them starting today. The company explains what each of the new features aims at and does:

  • Product page optimization. Try out alternate versions of your app’s product page with different icons, screenshots, and app previews to find out which one gets the best results. Each version is shown to a percentage of randomly selected, eligible App Store users and results appear in App Analytics, so you can set the best performing one to display to everyone on the App Store.
  • Custom product pages. Create additional versions of your app’s product page to highlight specific features or content, discoverable through unique URLs that you share. Custom product pages can have different screenshots, app previews, and promotional text — and are fully localizable — so you can showcase a particular sport, character, show, gameplay feature, and more.

Joining the Apple Developer Program costs $99 per year. It enables programmers to post their apps on Apple’s App Store across all of its platforms. It also allows them to take advantage of the latest relevant tools — such as the newly-released custom product pages. That’s in addition to accessing developer beta builds of the company’s operating systems.

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