Apple plans to introduce new ads to the App Store by this holiday season

Apple plans to introduce new ads to the App Store by this holiday season

Apple fans might be riding the high from the iPhone 14 Pro, Apple Watch Series 8, and Apple Watch Ultra announcements. But, there is some bad news for iOS users, as it looks like Apple has solidified its plans to deliver more ads to its users through the App Store.

We first heard about this during the summer, but now it looks like we are getting more details about Apple’s plans, and it looks like it will come by the year’s end. According to CNBC,  Apple has plans to implement new ad placements by the holiday season. The source states that this message was sent to developers, encouraging them to buy ads and join an online session. The new ads will apparently focus on expanding the ad space found in the App Store. Currently, Apple only shows one ad on the App Store search page and one ad on the App Store search results.



Apple will most likely give developers more details when the event takes place on September 21, 2022. But it has been reported previously that Apple could look to expand ad placement to the Today tab and also under the suggested app section. Apple spoke with CNBC, stating:

Apple Search Ads provides opportunities for developers of all sizes to grow their business. Like our other advertising offerings, these new ad placements are built upon the same foundation—they will only contain content from apps’ approved App Store product pages, and will adhere to the same rigorous privacy standards.

While Apple certainly generates a lot of revenue from its hardware business, it also makes quite a bit from its services business, reporting $68 billion for 2021. It remains to be seen when and if the new ads will arrive, but Apple is sure to have a very good holiday season regardless, with the release of its newly designed iPhone 14 Pro and also its Apple Watch Ultra.

Source: Eric Seufert (Twitter), CNBC

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