Apple will now ask iOS 15 users if they want to enable personalized ads in first party apps

Apple will now ask iOS 15 users if they want to enable personalized ads in first party apps

Apple has just added a prompt that asks iOS 15 users if they want to enable personalized ads in first-party apps. The company, which often boasts of its privacy-first approach and transparency, has kept that option on by default for users on older versions of iOS in a not-so-transparent manner.

The prompt is related to a personalized ads toggle buried deep within iOS Settings (Settings > Privacy > Apple Advertising) that an average iPhone user wouldn’t be aware of, and it aims to alert users of its existence. Apple’s decision to add this prompt in iOS 15 is likely a move to avoid potential lawsuits (via 9to5Mac).


When you enter the App Store for the first time on iOS 15, you’ll see the new prompt, which states:

Personalized ads in Apple apps such as the App Store and Apple News help you discover apps, products, and services that are relevant to you. We protect your privacy by using device-generated identifiers and not linking advertising information to your Apple ID.

Turning on Personalized Ads increases the relevance of ads shown by letting us use data like account information, app and content purchases, and where available, the types of News stories you read.

Apple does not track you or share your personal information with any third parties.

As the prompt suggests, Apple takes a privacy-centered approach even if you have personalized ads turned on. It’s also worth noting that turning that setting off wouldn’t affect the number of ads displayed. It would only make them less relevant across the App Store, News, and Stocks apps.

The update also adds a new Personalized Recommendation section within Settings > App Store that links to users’ interactions with the App Store. On that page, you can view these interactions (such as purchased apps, subscriptions, pre-orders, and ratings), as well as clear App Usage Data.

Apple is set to launch iOS 15 this fall, alongside its new iPhone 13 lineup.

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