The Apple Car may feature autopilot tech from a South Korean company

The Apple Car may feature autopilot tech from a South Korean company

News about Apple’s rumored car have been surfacing for a while now. It is said that the Cupertino tech giant is developing a self-driving electric vehicle that could launch in a few years. While the specifics revolving around it are still somewhat obscure, every now and then a new detail emerges online. The latest report states that Apple has partnered with a South Korean company to develop the autopilot chip for its car. This company seemingly initiated this development last year, and it is expected to conclude it in 2023.

As per a report by TheElec (via MacRumors), Apple has partnered with a South Korean outsourced semiconductor assembly and test (OSAT) company to develop its car’s autopilot technology. It is said that this project — led by Apple’s South Korean offices — was initiated in 2021 and is expected to last till next year. The report states:


The South Korean OSAT firm was working on the module for a chip that operates the autopilot function, much like those used by Tesla, sources said.

Such chips, which oversee AI computations, usually integrate a neural processing unit, CPU, GPU, memory as well as camera interface among other functions.

Previous reports have shared that Apple is possibly aiming at 2025 as a launch year for its electric car. However, with the company facing some obstacles in developing it, it’s believed that the reveal could be pushed till around 2028. Considering the company hasn’t shared any details regarding the rumored vehicle, there’s no telling when and if we will eventually see this electric car on the streets. Additionally, it’s unclear whether Apple will be selling it for commercial use or it’ll launch its own Uber-like, auto-piloted riding service.

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