It’s about time Apple releases a Galaxy S22 Ultra competitor

It’s about time Apple releases a Galaxy S22 Ultra competitor

When it comes to choosing their next smartphone, different people look for different things. Some seek the best camera out there to document their journeys to their favorite restaurants the wilderness. Other people care about the operating system (OS) and/or its skin. For example, there are users who won’t buy a device running a heavily skinned version of Android, while others have their own favorite. Similarly, those who are deeply invested in Apple’s ecosystem will likely only consider different iPhones as devices to potentially buy.

This becomes problematic for iOS users because the OS is only available on iPhones. So when the tech overlord doesn’t release satisfying devices, its users can find themselves jealous of people on the other side. The highest-end iPhone 13 Pro Max doesn’t meet your expectations? Tough luck, there isn’t a more advanced iPhone for you to buy and you have to wait for a full yearly cycle to find out if the next one is going to be that much better or just an “S” release. That’s precisely why Apple needs to release a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra competitor. If a buyer doesn’t care about the OS and ecosystem, there aren’t many compelling reasons for them to choose the iPhone 13 Pro Max over the Galaxy S22 Ultra.


Overkill Cameras

iPhone photo samples

iPhone 13 Pro Max, main camera

People sometimes complain about modern phones having too many rear cameras. We’ve probably all seen the memes of Pro Max iPhones being compared to stovetops. However, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It’s not like these extra lenses are placed there for cosmetic reasons, at least not on iPhones yet. They serve a valid purpose — taking better photos and videos, in addition to advancing the photographic capabilities of the phone.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra comes with more powerful camera features and greater versatility that no iPhone can match

The iPhone 13 Pro Max — Apple’s most advanced phone — only comes with three rear cameras. While the lens count doesn’t always signify better photography, the Galaxy S22 Ultra comes with more powerful camera features and greater versatility that no iPhone can match, thanks to its four rear cameras. For example, the Galaxy S22 Ultra supports 10x optical zoom and 100x space zoom. Apple still doesn’t support the latter, and the former is limited to 3x only. Yes, the iPhone’s camera is more than enough for average users, but there are some professional photographers and hobbyists in Apple’s ecosystem. The company seemingly doesn’t care about that particular audience all that much to grant them with a system that matches this versatility. Apple is doing some things in the video department, but there’s a lot left to be desired for photography, including but not limited to a Pro mode. Samsung not only provides hardware versatility, but there are also several software features like Single Take and Director’s View that Apple should be considering for its Pro phones.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra's rear camera setup

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra’s rear camera setup

Additionally, the Galaxy S22 Ultra is equipped with a 40MP front camera. This allows its users to take crisp selfies and vlogs to post in our increasingly-social online world. The TrueDepth camera on the iPhone 13 Pro Max retains the 12MP from previous-gen iPhones. While it results in some breathtaking selfies — thanks to Portrait Mode — the company could still improve the front camera system.

Give us a Pen(cil)!

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra and iPhone 13 Pro Max feature 6.8-inch and 6.7-inch displays respectively. They’re both gigantic phones, relatively speaking. For some reason, though, Apple still doesn’t support its Pencil on iPhones. Phones are no longer tiny, and many use them to doodle and write notes on the go. Samsung had a Galaxy Note lineup for ages, and I used the Galaxy Note 2 LTE for around two years. Having an S Pen conveniently available wherever I go was a game-changer, and S Pens weren’t even as feature-rich at the time — they’ve only gotten better since then.

Using the Apple Pencil with the iPad Pro 2021.

Apple Pencil and iPad Pro

If the $3 trillion company doesn’t want to spend its limited resources and brains on designing an iPhone with a stylus hole/silo, it could at least add Apple Pencil support to the iPhone screens. While carrying the Pencil separately could be a bit of a hassle, it at least would remain an option for those who really need and want it. The S Pen might not be for everyone, but its placement and features are phenomenal, and the Cupertino giant is long overdue a competitor.

The S Pen might not be for everyone, but its placement and features are phenomenal, and the Cupertino giant is long overdue a competitor

2012 called, they want their port back

Vivo V23 and iPhone 13 Pro railings

Vivo V23 and iPhone 13 Pro

In a perfect world, Twitter offers an edit button all phone manufacturers harmoniously adopt USB-C as a universal charging and data transfer port. We obviously live in a far-from-perfect world, and Apple still stubbornly resorts to its proprietary Lightning port on iPhones. Surprisingly, though, it has adopted the more commonly used port on some iPad models. It doesn’t make any sense to me why the company would green-light USB-C on iPads but not iPhones. I suppose some questions will never get an answer, and we will have to carry around different types of cables for the foreseeable future. Another take on this is that even Samsung is moving forward to faster charging, thanks to 45W fast wired charging support, making the official 18W “fast” charging appear absolutely ancient on the iPhone 13 Pro Max. We’re long overdue for an upgrade, so move over to USB C and USB PD while you’re at it please, Apple?

Speaking of charging, why can’t we have reverse wireless charging, Apple? Most AirPods cases now support Qi charging, and being able to charge them through the iPhone on the go would make life a tad easier. This is one of the main features I’m jealous that Apple hasn’t implemented yet.

We need to see some overkill from Apple

iPhone 13 Pro’s notch (left) is smaller than the iPhone 12 Pro’s notch.

Once upon a time, Apple used to think outside the box. In my opinion, that’s no longer the case — for the most part at least. Yes, Universal Control is magical, and the company does come up with some innovative ideas sometimes. However, when it comes to iPhones, they’ve become pretty mundane. New releases aren’t as exciting anymore — it’s just a costly yet reliable phone that will get your everyday tasks done, with a new feature here and there. A slightly smaller notch is notch what we’re asking for.

It's about time Apple takes some risks beyond the Pro and gets onto some Ultra overkill

Apple claims every year during the keynotes that its devices are designed to help creatives explore, express, and improve their talents. Frankly, I don’t see it, not anymore. iPhones are limiting when compared to phones like the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. The latter truly unleashes the potential of our modern-day technologies and tries to make the most out of them. The former, unfortunately, doesn’t. I don’t see myself leaving the Apple ecosystem, not anytime soon at least, so for the foreseeable future, I will be stuck with very few options when deciding which phone to buy next. On the bright side, new releases aren’t very tempting — considering not a lot changes — and I don’t get the urge to upgrade very often, so my wallet is thankful for that.

Had I not been tied into the Cupertino tech giant’s ecosystem (and had the patience to use Android), I would’ve most likely chosen the Galaxy S22 Ultra over any iPhone. And that’s exactly why Apple should release a competitor to Samsung’s latest flagship. A person who doesn’t care about the OS as much as I do would likely get the Android phone. Apple is only losing potential customers by sticking to its familiar releases. It’s about time they take some risks beyond the Pro and get some Ultra overkill.

    The Galaxy S22 Ultra is Samsung's top flagship for 2022, bringing over top of the line performance, display and camera capabilities alongside S Pen capabilities to deliver an ultra experience for power users. It's the perfect phone for enthusiasts and power users, and a device that Apple has no competitor against.

If you decide to buy the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, don’t forget to protect it with a case!

Would you rather use the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra or the iPhone 13 Pro Max as your daily driver? Let us know in the comments section below.

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