Apple ID website gets an overdue facelift

Apple ID website gets an overdue facelift

The Apple ID website had looked the same for the past few years. Fortunately, Apple has finally given it an overdue facelift that completely replaces the old interface. In the past, visitors were greeted by a sign in/up screen that showed random people using different Apple devices. Now it has a more modern look that matches the revamped iCloud website.

According to MacRumors, the new user interface (UI) went live yesterday. The photo of Apple users has been replaced by a the Apple logo surrounded by colorful dots that animate as you scroll past it. Once you sign in, you will be greeted by a card view where your information is neatly listed.


On the left side, you will find a list of sections related to your Apple ID data and settings, such as Personal Information, which includes your name, birthday, and more. Payment Methods, as its name suggests, includes all of your saved bank cards and relevant information. In Family Sharing you can find the members of your iCloud Family. As for Devices, you can check and remove all Apple devices that are linked to your Apple ID.

Apple recently refreshed the iCloud website, too. It replaced the outdated Mail web app with a sleeker one that matches the UI of that on Apple operating systems. It also tweaked the rest of iCloud web apps to bring support to new features introduced in the latest versions of iOS and macOS.

The new Apple ID website can be reached through and the iCloud website can be accessed through Apple continues to give attention to its web apps, including maintaining the Apple Music and Apple TV web clients. This is probably to make them easier to access on a wider range of platform and devices, thus increasing the number of subscribers.

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