Pick from a variety of Apple iPad Air colors, currently on sale for their lowest price yet!

Pick from a variety of Apple iPad Air colors, currently on sale for their lowest price yet!

Remember when the Apple iPad Air came out last year and it quickly went on sale, but it was only in one color? That was a great sale on what is a great tablet, but it was a bit of a bummer if you didn’t like green. Well, for those that wanted to wait it out for another sale, I have good news for you–the iPad Air is back down to $559, $40 of the MSRP! Better yet, there are more colors available to choose from!

That’s right, Amazon has been gracious enough to discount the Apple iPad Air again, but this time, they’re giving us a few different colors to choose from! Rose Gold, Sky Blue, and Silver are discounted this time around. Both the Rose Gold and Sky Blue are very nice looking pastel colors, with Rose Gold being about the pinkish hue you expect and the Sky Blue leaning towards a very light greyish-blue color. Silver, meanwhile, is… silver, and that’s sure to please anyone that prefers neutral colors for their technology.


What about the green Apple iPad Air though? The pastel green tablet that was on sale for $559 in October is on sale again, but unfortunately not at the full discount. Instead, it’s on sale for $570, or $29 off MSRP. If you’re deadset on the green color and missed out on the discount in October, the $10 extra may be worth it to you!

The final color option, Space Grey, is not currently on sale. Sorry, fans of the dark colored Apple iPad Air… maybe it’ll be your turn next time!

Currently, the Rose Gold iPad Air will ship January 23, while the Silver model will ship March 3 (although it’ll likely come back in stock sooner than that). Sky Blue is popping in and out of stock, but the likelihood is that Amazon will put the tablet back in stock with a later ship date, just like the other two colors. If it appears out of stock when you stumble across this post, try again in just a little bit!

    Save $40 on the Apple iPad Air in Rose Gold, Sky Blue, and Silver! If you're interested in the Green color, it's $29 off, but Space Grey is still full price.

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