This could be our first look at Apple’s next iPad Mini

This could be our first look at Apple’s next iPad Mini

Apple’s last iPad Mini launched in 2019 and had everything you know and love about iPads packed into a smaller form factor. Since then, the company’s iPad line has undergone a bit of a redesign, and the “iPad Mini 6”, as purported by Jon Prosser, will feature a new design to bring it more in line with its larger siblings that released this year. This would be the first major redesign of the iPad Mini since its debut. Jon Prosser has a good track record when it comes to Apple leaks, but as always, take these renders with a grain of salt.

Notably, this leak corroborates a report by Mark Gurman and Debby Wu of Bloomberg, which said that Apple was testing an updated iPad Mini with “narrower screen borders” and no home button. The renders shared by Prosser are allegedly based on CAD files, schematics, and real hands-on images. As a result, they may not be completely accurate, but they should be close enough in design to the real thing.


The front and back of the purported iPad Mini 6

Just like everything Apple in recent years, the front, back, and sides of the new iPad Mini 6 seem to be completely flat. As mentioned, the home button has also been entirely removed, and Touch ID now resides in the power button at the top.

iPad Mini 6 touch ID power button

According to the report, the iPad Mini 6 comes in at just about the same size as its predecessor, with only a 3mm difference in height and depth. The screen is larger thanks to the removal of the home button freeing up space, though the iPad Mini 6 is still quite a small tablet measuring in at 206.3mm x 137.8mm x 6.1mm. The lightning connector has also been swapped out for a USB-C port, thankfully. The iPad Mini 6 is said to come in three colors: silver, black, and gold.

iPad Mini 6 colors are silver, black, and gold

A few months back, leaks suggested that there will be an “Apple Pencil 3”. While nothing came to fruition, Prosser notes that there is evidence to support that a smaller Apple Pencil may be coming with this iPad. While it’s possible that it’s an Apple Pencil specifically for usage on the iPad Mini, it’s also possible that this is the Apple Pencil 3.

The potentially-leaked Apple Pencil 3 with the purported iPad Mini 6

Prosser also notes that the new iPad Mini 6 will ship with 5G support and Apple’s A14 chip and is expected to launch by the end of the year.

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