Does the Apple iPhone 14 series have a headphone jack?

Does the Apple iPhone 14 series have a headphone jack?

Apple revealed the iPhone 14 series during its Far Out event. This time around, the company has notably distinguished between the regular and Pro models. It’s no longer just an insignificant camera difference. Regular models retain most of their predecessors’ specifications (excluding the Mini/Plus variant switch). Meanwhile the Pro models of 2022 get an upgraded 48MP Wide camera sensor, Always-On Display support, the Dynamic Island, a faster A16 Bionic chip, and more. If you plan to buy an iPhone 14, you must be wondering — does it have a headphone jack? The short answer is no, and if you’re interested in more details, read along.


Headphone jack remains missing on the iPhone 14 series

Before we go into the iPhone 14 specifics, let’s explain what a headphone jack is. This port allows users to plug a wired headset into a certain device. Most of the mainstream wired earphones and headphones are compatible with the 3.5mm jack. As you might know, wired earbuds are typically more affordable than wireless ones. That’s not to mention their lack of yet another battery to regularly charge. Meanwhile, wireless models are more convenient to use, despite them not supporting the higher-quality audio formats. So can you plug wired headsets into an iPhone 14?

As I’ve stated earlier, 2022’s iPhone models differ substantially when comparing the regular and Pro variants. However, Apple has decided to keep the headphone jack availability uniform across the entire lineup. So whether you buy a regular iPhone 14 or a Pro one, you’ll get the same headphone jack treatment. Unfortunately for some, Apple doesn’t include a headphone jack on these models. So you will either have to use a Lightning-to-3.5mm jack adapter or depend on wireless solutions to listen through earphones.

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    The iPhone 14 is a minor upgrade that introduces camera improvements, SOS through satellite support, and more. It packs 2021's A15 Bionic chip and runs iOS 16.
    The iPhone 14 Pro includes the Dynamic Island, Always-On Dsiaply feature, and an upgraded 48MP Wide camera. It packs 2022's A16 Bionic chip and runs iOS 16.
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Is the lack of a headphones jack on the iPhone 14 a dealbreaker for you? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments section below.

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