The Apple iPhone 14 Pro could arrive with enhanced UI elements

The Apple iPhone 14 Pro could arrive with enhanced UI elements

Next week, we will finally see what Apple has been up to after months of leaks and rumors. Although the company is set to debut a few new phones, the one stirring up the most interest is the iPhone 14 Pro. The iPhone 14 Pro will not only have upgraded internals, but it will also reportedly be the first iPhone to feature a new hole-and-pill cutout design for its display. Now it appears that the Pro line will get some exclusive UI enhancements to its Lock Screen and status bar.

According to MacRumors, the status bar on the iPhone 14 Pro will be different from its iPhone 14 counterparts. Since the iPhone 14 Pro will have more space on the top of its display, it will apparently include the battery status icon and the percentage next to it. The cellular signal indicator will be moved to the left-hand side to accommodate this. To implement an Always-On Display (AOD), Apple will remove depth effects on Lock Screen wallpapers and replace them with a new effect that will tone down the background while adding a little color flair to the foreground. This is most likely being done to improve battery life when AOD is enabled.


Apple iPhone 14 Pro display

The AOD will also be able to show Widgets, and since they are static most of the time, Apple will have a measure in place to prevent burn-in on the OLED display. It will also allow incoming notifications to show up on the AOD, and it will also have a new marker towards the bottom of the display that will show how many notifications have been received. According to the source, Apple is still working on perfecting the AOD experience, utilizing all its resources within the company to get it ready in time for the iPhone 14 Pro’s launch. Since issues could pop up, the company is already planning bug fixes that will go live in updates released after the phone’s launch.

With the launch of the iPhone 14 lineup around the corner, there is sure to be more information that pops up. Hopefully, Apple will be able to keep some things a surprise. Otherwise, it could end up being a relatively lackluster release event.

Source: MacRumors

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