Apple Mail catches up with other clients, brings undo send and more

Apple Mail catches up with other clients, brings undo send and more

The Apple Mail app is notorious for being too basic — even on the Mac. When compared to other third-party clients, the app feels limited. It doesn’t include all of the features a person would need during their workflow. This urges some Pro users to depend on other apps and services to get their email itches scratched.

Fortunately for users, iOS 16, iPadOS 16, and macOS Ventura will enrich the very basic Apple Mail app. Those running these versions will be able to undo sent emails moments after sending them, schedule sending for later, and take advantage of a rebuilt search functionality.


The search feature was somewhat ancient on previous Apple OS versions. With the upcoming releases, users will be able to see recently shared links, documents, and more — through smart suggestions. Additionally, the search bar will offer auto-corrections when you misspell a term.

These changes are most definitely welcome additions to the company’s now email client. However, the app still lacks some of the more advanced features that power users tend to look for and use. We certainly hope that the Cupertino tech giant focuses more on its Mail app in following releases so users don’t feel the need to depend on third-party ones.

iOS 16 and macOS Ventura are already available as beta releases for developers. The public beta program will launch in July. After the company smoothens out the bugs and glitches, all users will be able to get their hands on the stable releases in fall. The company usually releases new major iOS updates in September, which are followed by macOS ones in October or November. We certainly advise you to wait for the public release if you’re not okay with using a glitchy operating system.

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