Apple could start showing iPhone users even more ads across its built-in apps

Apple could start showing iPhone users even more ads across its built-in apps

Apple is famous for the high-end products it sells. The company offers premium hardware that it pairs with optimized software. Whether you buy a new iPhone, versatile iPad, or great Mac — these devices usually remain supported and last for many years. This makes what the Cupertino firm sells stand out in the tech industry. Though, typically, when users spend hundreds of dollars on a product, they expect to see ads minimally. After all, a comfortable experience should accompany high price tags. For the longest time, Apple has refrained from aggressively pushing ads on its users. Unfortunately for all of us, though, it appears that this is bound to change.


According to a Bloomberg report, Apple could start showing its users more ads across its apps. The company currently shows prominent advertisements in the News, Stocks, and App Store apps. That’s not to mention that it recently started adding more advertising slots across different App Store sections.

Inside the ads group, Teresi has talked up expanding the business significantly. It’s generating about $4 billion in revenue annually, and he wants to increase that to the double digits. That means Apple needs to crank up its efforts.

The report indicates that Apple ads could expand to Maps, Books, Podcasts, and other built-in apps that the company provides. This would give companies and creators the opportunity to surface their offerings in more places for users to see. Apple allows users to turn off Personalized Ads in privacy settings. However, this toggle only affects the relevance of the advertisements — not their quantity. It’s yet to be seen whether these potential ad changes will impact future iPhone sales or not.

Would you still buy Apple products if the company starts showing more ads across its systems? Let us know in the comments section below.

Source: Bloomberg

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